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4T.23 Code View Toolbar

If you’ve never noticed them before, there are a set of buttons that run down the left side of the window in Dreamweaver’s code view; I meet a lot of people that either glanced at them but paid them no attention or haven’t noticed them at all, and they’re really useful!
Probably because of the dominance of CSS, an increasing number of designers (I’m mainly talking graphic designers who do web work here)away from the WYSIWYG interface and into the code environment, so if you fall into that category, then you might be surprised at just how useful this toolbar is.

4T.18 Loopy Background

The last in the current string of animation basics using Flash CS3 builds on the previous exercise by adding a background to our truck animation, in the form of a shape-tweened hill and another motion-tweened scenery movieclip. The concepts you will learn here are simple shape-tweening and creating a cyclic animation using a movie clip designed for that purpose.

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