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Fundamentals no-one-seems-to-know-about: Colour Range

On my Facebook page ( today I’ve posted a really short – and silent – video that demonstrates in just a few easy steps how to use Photoshop’s Colour Range feature. The what? The Colour Range feature – it’s been there for absolutely ages and before you go reaching for the Magic Wand give this a go – you might be really surprised at the results!

I’ve heard’s Michael Ninness call the Magic Wand the Tragic Wand – I don’t think that’s because of the tool itself, but more around the efforts and coping strategies employed by those trying to make it work for them against the odds, when there are features like Colour Range that may be able to achieve what they’re after in a fraction of the time.

Photoshop Week: Wednesday

Hey, Tony; I have a load of images that I need to convert to [JPEG | TIFF | PSD], and I’d also like to set their size to fit a scheme and maybe a couple of other things – like add copyright info and perhaps run some actions… could I write one big action that does all that?

The answer of course is yes, but herein lies another great undiscovered Photoshop nugget – the Image Processor, which you’ll find in the scripts menu (File > Scripts > Image Processor) – it’s really easy to figure out and if you want to run more than one action, just create a ‘parent’ action that runs the other actions you require.

This will save you ages!

Photoshop Week: Tuesday

To fill a selection or the background/current layer with the foreground colour, most users know the shortcut alt-backspace – in my experience slightly lesser known is that you can also use cmd-backspace to fill with the background colour, cmd-alt-backspace to fill from the currently selected history state, cmd-shift-backspace to fill with the background and preserve the transparency (of a layer) and cmd-alt-shift-backspace to fill from the history and preserve the transparency. If you’re on Windows, substitute cmd with ctrl :)

Also it is well worth learning the shortcut to launch the fill dialog box which gives you a lot more options, and if you’re using CS5 then you also get quick access to the content aware fill option.

Another tip tomorrow!

Photoshop Week: Monday

It’s  all things Photoshop for me at the moment and so I thought I’d share a different tip (for users at all levels) with you every day this week.

Although this is a newbie tip really I am quite often surprised to find out how many seasoned users have let this one escape their attention. You can reset quite a few Adobe dialogs by holding down the alt/option key – the Cancel button will change to Reset saving you from exiting the dialog and invoking it again.

Like I said, a tip for new users essentially, but you really would be surprised how often I see that though!